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Fall Brings More than Weather Changes

All summer I dally. Swim, smell the flowers, watch the butterflies dart from blossom to blossom, catch the stars and moon at their most beautiful. No city lights around here to dim them, they shine so bright I can see … Continue reading

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More on Cultural Curmudgeon

Probably the thing that bothers me most about I lost it or I snapped, is that those words indicate that the person speaking has no control over what he does. Usually it’s used to explain why this person committed a … Continue reading

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Workshop/Ozark Legends Make Great Stories

Conducting workshops is probably one of the most enjoyable tasks a writer performs. Being such a showoff, I’ve never had trouble speaking to large groups. And it’s especially fun to tell people what to do and how to do it. … Continue reading

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Cultural Curmudgeon List

In affiliation with another curmudgeon blogger, Janet Riehl, here’s my beginning list of things I’m so tired of hearing from our present culture. Please move on. Let’s not even get into the misuse of our language, which is another topic … Continue reading

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