Workshop/Ozark Legends Make Great Stories

Conducting workshops is probably one of the most enjoyable tasks a writer performs. Being such a showoff, I’ve never had trouble speaking to large groups. And it’s especially fun to tell people what to do and how to do it. Here in our small town, we have a non-profit organization called Ozark Folkways. Besides providing an outlet for genuine Ozark crafts, it offers classrooms for teaching. For several years now, I’ve held two workshops each year there. I help local hopeful writers improve on their craft. In so doing, of course, my abilities have improved as well.
Here’s a photo of the historical building in which the workshop will be held. It has a history that would make a good story in itself.
The organization asks that I stick to an Ozark theme, and so in November I’ll show writers how to take a tidbit of an Ozark legend, myth or true story and turn it into their own story, article, essay, creative nonfiction piece, or even the beginnings of a novel. This is also extremely helpful for those writing family stories, because they can learn how to stick to the truth, yet make the story fast paced and interesting, rather than writing down a bunch of dull facts.
I have to limit the size of these classes to 20 because I do a lot of one-on-one and don’t want to cheat anyone. The organization asks that I charge $25 for the class, and part of the proceeds, of course, go to Ozark Folkways.
We meet in a bright and airy gallery on top of the mountain. The view from the porch is spectacular, and far reaching, especially in November when the air will be so clear. They say it’s possible to see ten miles over the peaks of the Ozarks, and I don’t doubt it a bit. What a great place to spend the day writing and delving into the history of this great ancient land where Indian Trails bisect with military roads, where Civil War antiquities are uncovered, and prehistoric burial grounds occasionally come to light; where terrifying stories of the mountain boomer and other classic deep-woods monsters abound.
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