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Stop a moment for good thoughts

The other day as I left to deliver some books to the State Park, I was brought up short at the bottom of our drive with this sight. These are pink locust and wild white roses, both indigenous to our … Continue reading

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Thank you, all who serve

Good morning, Daddy. I still miss you, after all these years. When you served in the South Pacific during World War II we managed to get through the days missing you. While mother worked at Boeing on those B-29s, the … Continue reading

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Dealing with rejection

Swinging bridges once helped us all cross rivers and streams. They’ve been replaced by concrete spans so that we no longer experience the adrenaline rush of crossing wide, rushing rivers while clinging to a single strand of rope. Maybe we … Continue reading

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It’s interesting the subjects I’m asked to speak on when invited to conferences or other writer’s meetings. Point of view is right up there because so many novice writers aren’t sure what it is or how to handle it. Probably … Continue reading

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We writers are often told how important networking is to our budding career. I couldn’t agree more. Most of my sales have been acquired through networking, either at conferences or meetings of writers’ organizations. Success most often comes because of … Continue reading

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