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Proper POV Sells Stories

Creating the proper point of view for your story can make or break a sale. There are a few differences between point of view for short stories and for novels. Let’s stick with short stories, which are most effective with … Continue reading


Finding Your Voice

Writers are like singers, they have distinct voices. The problem is finding and developing that voice. Like singers we have to practice, study our craft, find our passion, before we can begin to develop that voice. Do you know why … Continue reading

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Write Using All Five Senses

When writing a scene, it’s important to include some or all of the five senses. Until you can perceive them, you cannot write them. What do you see when you look at a tree? Not just bark and leaves. Learn … Continue reading

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Example of Show Don’t Tell

Here’s something you won’t hear much at conferences. We are all told that if we hone our craft and become an excellent writer, we will be published. That is only part of it. Ultimately, it’s the story that counts. It’s … Continue reading

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Scene & Sequel

The Peaks and Valleys of WritingSimply put, a scene defines a goal, presents conflict, ends in disaster, thus driving the story forward. The sequel ties that scene to the next, gives the reader and your hero a bit of a … Continue reading

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Creating Strong Characters

Because characters are what builds your story, because our reader has to relate and sympathize with our character, has to care about what happens to them, we have to work harder creating the characters in our stories. Even the best … Continue reading

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Writing Hair Raising Suspense

Before we get into writing hair-raising suspense, let’s determine the difference between suspense and mystery, because that’s important. In a mystery the hero pursues the killer, in a suspense a killer pursues the hero. Well, that’s pretty simple, but a … Continue reading

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Writer’s Critique Groups

Over the years I’ve heard so many pros and cons about joining a critique group, I decided to write about a successful group that’s been around for about 23 years. Yes, that’s right, and I’ve been a member, and co-chair … Continue reading

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Writing a book is easier

When challenged to write a blog everyday for a month, I thought, well, I write thousands of words everyday, why would that be difficult? I’m here to tell you, it is. There’s something about writing a short entry every day … Continue reading

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I love chicken, but this is ridiculous

If you’all don’t live in a rural area, then you may not appreciate this tale. I had to go to town today. Horrors. Leave my lovely, quiet woodsy retreat for town? Oh, well. I did pretty good until I started … Continue reading

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