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Write a Memoir? Who cares?

This is the way we shopped here before Wal*Mart built all those danged Super Stores all over Northwest Arkansas. One day a few months ago I was talking to someone about going into a compound with Bengal tigers and spending … Continue reading

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A great post to check out

This may be cheating a bit on my blog today, but I’m trying to catch up and just read a super post aimed at new writers. Hints from a very successful author on how to treat your manuscript and rewrites. … Continue reading

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Name Meme at last

1. Your real name: Velda 2. Your Gangsta name(first 3 letters of real name plus izzle): Velizzle 3. Your Detective name:(fave color and fave animal) Blue Tiger 4. Your Soap Opera name:(your middle name and street you live on) Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Meeting a hot new writer

Meeting best selling authors is one of the big perks of being in this business. As a writer myself, I stand in awe of those who hit the best seller list, whether they do it with years of one book … Continue reading

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The man and his horse

Wednesday I fussed about what I would write in my column, which is historical in nature and usually features families or communities from the past in our county. This is the photo I found that kicked off the column. How … Continue reading

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Pushing the right buttons

The blog I wrote today to be posted tomorrow is up because I pushed the wrong buttons. And that got me to thinking about the things we do we absolutely don’t intend to do, and how we can make them … Continue reading

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Looking for resources

Soon after my first or maybe it was the second western historical romance was published by Topaz, I was invited by the University of Arkansas to conduct an adult education course on “Writing the Romance.” It was a delightful six … Continue reading

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Check out your local conferences

If you’re like me and need a break once in a while to smooze with other writers, meet some editors and agents and just generally kick back for a day or two, don’t neglect the local conferences within a four-state … Continue reading

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Looking for a place to sell

What is today? Oh, yes, it’s Wednesday and we’re on the 13th day of blogging. It’s the end of the day for me, and also a deadline day for my weekly historical article. I still haven’t done the meme thing, … Continue reading

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August 12, and I’m just barely sliding in again on my vow to write here every day all month. If things could ever be normal for a writer, then I’m thinking I might be back to that spot. I guarantee … Continue reading

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