Researching Uncovers Exciting Finds

In the background are the bluffs where the mines are located. Several old millstones stand against the rocks from an old mill in the area.

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to the site of a gold mine here in Arkansas, as I previously blogged. It was an exciting day, though the temperature was in the upper 90s. I met some delightful folks and heard some great stories. Many of which will be included in my book, The Boston Mountains: Lost In The Ozarks. But there was a lot of information hinted at that we couldn’t prove. At least not yet.

Like, someone said that some of the markings on stones around the bluffs where the gold mine is located, were said to have been dated 800 years before Christ and proved that Iberians and the Saliq Sole King had been in Arkansas that early. So I’m digging, following leads, making appointments to speak to people who have more information. Hopefully, this proof will be included in my book. But just the searching and researching is exciting enough on its own. Each phone call or email brings up another clue. Now I actually have located copies of some of the script found on these stones.
The Internet tells me that when archeologists checked the Copperhead Site at Lake Fort Smith State Park prior to the lake’s filling, they found that Celts lived in the upland Ozarks and the Arkansas River Valley during AD 600-900. Patrick Mead states on his website that Celts lived in the Iberian Peninsula and the Ozark Mountains. “It was a language written by gouges carved lines and diagonals often on the edges of stones,” he writes.
And here I am following leads that date much farther back than that. I was also told that all those who came into the area to verify the hieroglyphics took the stones away with them. These stones were dug up by farmers in the area plowing the fields around this site. The entire story is fascinating and I’m still busy filling in a lot of gaps before adding it to the pages of my book.
Was there gold in the mine? Why did the owners of the land form a company and begin digging around the bluffs? I expect all to be explained eventually. This type of research is some of the most exciting I’ve run across during the writing of this latest book about the Ozarks. And I expect it to continue to be so in the coming weeks.

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