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You can’t be taught to write. You can learn the mechanics, but the creativity comes from your right brain, your heart, your soul, your life experiences. Don’t let anyone steal it, not even your left brain. How many times we … Continue reading

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Today I’m going to share some links that are valuable to writers both beginners and those well on their way. If you’re ready to do a book tour, here’s a site to check. Promotion To convert your book, chapter or … Continue reading

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Following last week’s great reply to my first question, here is my publisher Mark Stepp of Old American Publishing as we finish the interview with several specific questions about the business. Hope you enjoy it. VB: What sets Old American … Continue reading

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A week or so ago, I wrote Mark Stepp, my publisher at Old American Publishing and asked if I could interview him for my writing blog. When he sent back the reply, I was so taken by the valuable information … Continue reading

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