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Since next week is going to be short and busy what with the big conference at Oklahoma City, I’m going to update what’s going on with publishing my e-book short stories today. First I’m going to answer a few of … Continue reading

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It’s been a rough week, but I hope this one will go smoother. After attempting to upload my short story from Open Office and failing, I saved the formatted file to Word doc 2003 and it uploaded easily. Though Smashwords … Continue reading

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I promised to keep readers updated on how work is coming on my ebook formatting, which must include the creation of a cover. Everything published in ebooks must have a cover that can be used to sell your book online, … Continue reading

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When faced with a steep learning curve, we all handle it differently. I’m prone to be driven to tears, which makes me angry. When much younger, I’d attack the source of my frustration, often my new sewing machine when I … Continue reading

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