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We’re moving. After 41 years in the same house, we’re downsizing to a smaller house we own on the same property. Moving across a driveway shouldn’t be all that difficult. Right? Turns out it’s as hard as moving cross town … Continue reading

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The Legend of the Rose

How are legends born? Why are we so fascinated with them? There have been umpteen books written about The Rose of Cimarron. She’s identified as Rose Dunn, who was 15 at the time of the Ingalls shootout in Indian Territory … Continue reading

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  Spring brings thoughts of romance, and so in keeping with the blooming and greening, I’ve invited a romance author as a guest on my blog this week. I’d like to welcome Katherine Grey, a fellow author at The Wild … Continue reading

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A Woman Baseball Player Named Earp

 Mildred Earp made history when she tried out for a big league baseball team back in 1943. Until I met her cousins, I had no idea that women played big league baseball, but they did, and tiny “Mid,” as she … Continue reading

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Feed Him Grass and Weeds

When we were a young married couple, me 17, hubby 19, which was several eons ago, we pulled jokes on each other so much that we made April Fool’s day look like just another day. The best one I can … Continue reading

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