In Service of their Country

Honoring family members who were in the service of their country.

Dad in Navy

Father: Ray Emen Goodgion 1914-1974 U.S. Navy WW II South Pacific U.S.S. Attu

Mother: George Elizabeth Smith Goodgion 1913-1996 mother 1944Boeing B-29 Riveter 1943-45

Uncle: Alton Goodgion Al & Milly 19441925-1957 U.S. Navy WW II South Pacific U.S.S. Missouri

Milfred Smith 1915-1999 U.S. WACs WW II

Grandson: Daniel Lee Henson, U.S. Army 2001-2007 100_0235

Thank you to all who have served, and may those who died in the service of their country forever rest in peace.

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