Kiss the Sky

Kiss the Sky

Kiss the Sky

After posting last week’s blog about dancing, I was pleased to run across this in my Wednesday, June 5th horoscope.

Aquarius: There’s an enthusiasm in your body. You’re light on your feet and ready to dance, fight, run or fly. You are living the Jimi Hendrix lyric: “Excuse me while I kiss the sky.”

How apropos for the way I’m feeling lately. I have to confess I don’t often read my horoscope. and realize how nonspecific or abstract newspaper horoscopes are. But we do see what we want to see. Mostly, these seem to be meant to boost our self esteem. Give us hope.

Dream Hope

Dream Hope

Here are some samples from that day:

Virgo: It’s important to remember that people love you just the way you are. Who among us wouldn’t want to hear that?

Scorpio: What inconveniences could you avoid if you thought ahead?

Capricorn: The key is to move. As long as you’re moving, you’re going places. I especially like that one. It could be used to wrap up any of the twelve signs.

Pisces, my husband’s for that day: Logic and instruction manuals will be involved. You’re up to the task, so dive in. I had to laugh. It’s a last resort for him to use an instruction manual. Put it together or “it must’ve come broken,” or throw it away, but don’t look at the manual.

Gemini is asked to believe in herself; Cancer told to slow down; Leo that her personal sunshine will melt the opposition; Scorpio that inconveniences could be avoided if she thought ahead.

Who wouldn’t want to hear any one of these? In most cases I’ve not included the entire horoscope, just the final line.

Do you have a favorite horoscope, one maybe you tack  above your computer to remind yourself of your great potential? Why not share it with me and my readers.


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