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My Bucket’s Already Full

I keep seeing all these comments about writing a bucket list. On it people put such outrageously dangerous feats as sky diving, climbing Mt. Everest, and deep sea diving. Makes me wonder what in the world are they thinking? I … Continue reading

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Not Just Howling at the Moon

From a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Report issued in 1996: “Before the arrival of European settlers, wolves ranged widely across the continent, from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico. Two species are found in North America, the … Continue reading

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The Magic of Creating

A member of our critique group and I were discussing how we begin to write a story, be it novel or short story. I said I begin with a character, and her next question set me to thinking a lot … Continue reading

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Research It’s Plumb Fascinating

Research, we writers love it. And often get so involved we forget we’re supposed to be writing our next book. In THE VICTORIAN Series, the second book which I’m working on presently, wanders from Victoria, Kansas to Hays City and … Continue reading

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