Bring Our Warriors Home

soldiers in the field  c rudall30-Folio

soldiers in the field
c rudall30-Folio

After 70 odd years of being asked what my New Year’s resolutions are, I’ve run out of answers. I break most of them anyway. Not that I’m so sweet, or good all the time, or healthy and weight conscious, or a runner. No, I’m not any of those things and resolving will not make me so. All that does is make me feel bad that I broke another self-imposed rule. Well, not really.

Here’s what I hope for. A peaceful 2014. I have huge wishes over which I have no control. What I want to see this year? Bring our warriors home and out of harm’s way, take care of those wounded and help them discover a tranquil life, give homes to the homeless.

The trivial me stuff. The only thing I can remember doing at the end of the year that I’ve never broken was to quit smoking, and this I vowed at a Christmas party where writers gathered. The room was so full of smoke I know no one could breathe. Even the non smokers might as well have lit up. At any rate I smoked my last cigarette that day in 1989, after some 25 years of inhaling the poisonous crap up to three packs a day.

But you see, that wasn’t really a New Year’s Resolution. I’m afraid if it had been I might have gone back to the habit a week after the ball fell. As it was, I simply grew so disgusted with the habit I threw it away and never looked back.

I cannot think of another one thing I’ve tried to change as a year ended that I managed to keep. On occasion I do things I should not do, say things I should not say, embarrass myself in various ways. The only people I mistreat are those who mistreat me first, and then, well look out. However, it’s all in the perception, isn’t it? I may have made someone feel mistreated and never been aware of it. They may perceive my actions in one way, though the intention on my part isn’t there.

So there it is. Peace in 2014 is my fervent wish, and I hope all of you have the greatest year ever.

My Dad served on the USS Attu in the South Pacific during WW II, 1943-1945. They called it the last big war to end all wars. Can we do that in 2014?

Ray Goodgion Navy 1943-45

Ray Goodgion Navy 1943-45

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2 Responses to Bring Our Warriors Home

  1. Terrific post, Velda. I don’t usually do resolutions. They just become little clubs to beat myself with when I fail. This one though, I could get behind. Though I fear we have become a nation that glorifies war and neglects our warrior.

  2. Linda Apple says:

    Great post Velda! This year instead of resolutions or even goals, I just want to take one day at a time and savor it. I want to take nothing for granted. So I guess you could say this is my year to reflect and marinate. 😉

    Love you girl!

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