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The Magic Horse

Originally posted on shadows, wings & other things:
Today at Fort Lee, New Jersey, I sat next to my five-year-old on a defunct cannon and we watched the white soft belly of a hawk against the blue afternoon sky. We…

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Marine hero to receive Medal of Honor

We cannot list all of the heroes who have lost their lives fighting for this country. There are not enough pages. A friend, the wife of a wounded warrior, tells me these men fight for each other, not for whatever … Continue reading

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Attending Ozarks Writers League

Writing a blog about an exciting writer’s gathering such as Ozarks Writers League¬†Saturday is a challenge. Most has already been said on Facebook pages, but some of my readers may have missed some of the photos and comments. Gathering and … Continue reading

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What’s talking got to do with Writing

  People, especially avid readers, often want to know something about the lives of writers. Not only how or why we write books but all about our other life. The one we manage to find in the scant few hours … Continue reading

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What Darkness Defines You?

My question originally was what defines me, then I realized that to make people think a little, it might be interesting to challenge my readers a bit. I held a workshop a few years back in which I challenged the … Continue reading

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