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Women’s Role in the West

Oghma Blog-a-thon   In the days of the westward movement women were second class citizens. It’s important to remember that when writing historical stories, whether they be romances or westerns. With few exceptions women weren’t much more than slaves. So … Continue reading

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Oghmaniac Blog-a-Thon Post on Writing by Staci Troilo

Staci embraces family history for her books much as I embrace my experiences for mine. This blog was posted in the Ogmaniacs Blog-o-thon

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The Love and Lore of Violets

Originally posted on One Writer's Way:
An excerpt from my herbal, Plants for A Medieval Herb Garden in the British Isles: “Who are the violets now That strew the lap of the new-come spring?” ~ Shakespeare: Richard II Violet (Viola…

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Why I Write – Blog-a-Thon Participant Holly Sullivan McClure

Originally posted on Staci Troilo:
Here’s the next post in the Oghma Creative Media blog-a-thon (by Holly Sullivan McClure). Why I Write 2/18/2015 Interviewers, whatever the media, have a stock list of questions they ask writers. One I’ve heard several…

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Tricia Schneider Joins me

I’d like to welcome Tricia Schneider as a guest talking about her latest book: The Witch’s Kiss  Blurb: Marianne Grey is a ghost. But, she’s not dead. Cursed by a necromancer, Marianne searches for the elusive spell needed to merge … Continue reading

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46 Top Websites to Promote Your Book for FREE

Originally posted on Savvy Writers & e-Books online:
Stand out Against Thousands of Books . Added June 23, 2013: Dear Reader:  This list of websites, which we compiled in March 2012, grew in the meantime to almost 100.  Please visit…

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Labeling A Woman

Originally posted on Carryin' On :
In my tween years and beyond, I was ridiculed and shamed, called names, pointed and laughed at by my peers. All because of my weight. This subsequently caused me to jump from diet to diet…

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The Banned and the Beautiful: Celebrating Women Writers

Originally posted on Girl Boner:
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank As you may have heard, the Ozarks Writers’ League conference coming up the weekend of February…

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Proof I May Be a Robot (or Meet KBNelson 2.0)

Originally posted on Karen Stanaland:
I love my blog. I love talking to interesting people and sharing helpful articles. I dig the occasional blog hop or writer’s group challenge. But the truth is, I have a whole professional identity that…

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Women Heroes

By now my readers are aware that my weekly blog is a mishmash of subject matter, which breaks all the blogging rules. We are told to develop a theme and stick to it. But breaking the rules is  something I’m … Continue reading

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