Women Heroes

Women in Air Force

Women in Air Force

By now my readers are aware that my weekly blog is a mishmash of subject matter, which breaks all the blogging rules. We are told to develop a theme and stick to it. But breaking the rules is  something I’m accustomed to doing in all my writing. My fiction spreads over several genres, where I’ve developed a style that contradicts all the accepted norms.

Today I’m writing about women heroes from the past. The idea came from all the posts about American Sniper, Chris Kyle. He represents a true hero in the best sense of the word. I have not seen the movie yet, but I will. That’s what got me to thinking about some of the women who, despite the rules that they could not go to battle for this country, stood up and bravely fought in the ways they could.

I decided the best way to represent them would be through images, and so I found some. Examples of all those who did what they thought was right, despite all the rules against them. I chose these images and stories to represent those who gave their all for God and country. All of them, in every walk of life, just as Chris Kyle today represents all the heroes we should honor every day.

Jacqueline Cochran, a famous woman pilot spent the years from 1938 through 1941 trying to convince the military to accept women to serve in non-combatant roles in the war building in Europe. Cochran was finally allowed to pilot a Lockheed Hudson bomber to Britain to study the use of British women pilots. She became the first woman to fly a military aircraft across the Atlantic After the US Army Air Force was established on June 20 Cochran returned home from England, hitching a ride on a B-17, also known as the Flying Fortress. At a press conference in the US she again expressed her ideas about using American women pilots, something she had suggested several years earlier but was turned down.

The battle between men and women drags by also involving Nancy Love. In 1942 the US is desperate for pilots and in September the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron of women pilots (WAFS) is formed. Nancy Love is in charge. Read the rest of the story.

Meanwhile, as the war rages on women in France join the French Partisan movement and in Soviet Russia women take up weapons and fight alongside the men. Just examples of the brave women heroes who were fighting for what they believed in.

WASP Pilot

WASP Pilot

French Partisan WW II

Soviet women WW II

Soviet women WW II

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2 Responses to Women Heroes

  1. Dear Velda,
    A great post. Jeane Slone is a local NoCal writer who has 3 books out about women in WWII, the latest is “She was an American Spy.” Her earlier books covered “She Flew Bombers” and “She Built Ships.” It’s been fun to see her writing skills mature.

    I hope your Ozark Writers League has found a great venue for you upcoming conference…those new administrators are living in the dark ages!


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