Some Stories Cry to be Written


teaser 3This book is incredible! After I finished the last page, I just sat there, stunned. This is the true cost of war. For the rest of the day I was quiet, considering Katie and Glen’s struggle and (almost) Katie’s descent into madness. My heart went out to them and to anyone else who has ever dealt with the after effects of fighting a war.

This is part of a review I received for my book, Beyond the Moon, the story of two people whose struggle to defeat the demons born of war nearly destroys them. A love story you’ll never forget; a story you should always remember.

Here are some facts most people do not know about the Vietnam War.

The war ended in January 1973, with a negotiated cease fire. 591 prisoners, or only about 12 percent of those requested by the US, were returned during “Operation Home Coming” in February and March 1973.

Laos was another story. More than 500 pilots were shot down over Laos during the war. But none were returned, even though the Laos government indicated they desired to release American POW’s. Laos connection

February 19, 1973 (UPI): “A Pathet Lao spokesman said his group is holding American prisoners of war who will be released after a cease fire goes into effect.”

So what happened to those pilots and those 88 percent who did not return? After all this time, one might just shrug and say, “Oh, they’re all dead now anyway.” In the past ten years some remains have been recovered and identified.

Helicopters in war

Beyond the Moon tells the story of one of those pilots shot down over Laos. It is based on true occurrences that took place during and after the cease fire. Some of which were never brought to light.

Somewhere in California a group of Laotion mercenaries were hired out to rescue American pows being held in Cambodia, North Vietnam and Laos. In the early 1980s they rescued uncounted prisoners and brought them back.

Beyond the Moon tells the story of one of those men, held for nine years, kept for the most part in a bamboo cage while being tortured on a regular basis. He was not alone.

The real story is Katie’s, for she is the angel who battles Glen’s demons and drags him back from the very gates of hell, not once but several times. This is not a story about war, but rather about the ravages of war. What it does to the men who fight and the women who love them.

Why does any of this matter today? Because we continue to create wounded warriors every day in the Middle East, that’s why.

POW Vietnam

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  1. What an important story. I look forward to reading it!

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