Seeing is Believing – Maybe  

python-e1554750469911.jpegBecause of the ability of computers to create any image we have in our minds, we no longer believe some things we see. If our mind rebels and says no, there’s no such thing, then doubt rises and we question the images we see.The featured photo I took of my host’s wife and one of the pythons I visited in their snake house. I held one and my husband took the picture. I haven’t found it yet. Yeah sure, I know you don’t believe me.

This week in my blog I’m showing you some more pictures that link with the blogs I’ve been writing of late. You saw the sabre tooth tiger, but at the time I couldn’t find some of my collection..

A search has begun for images to accompany blogs, and here are some you missed. I’ve been busy digging through hundreds, no thousands, of photos I’ve taken over the years, many of them for the newspaper. So I hope you enjoy a look at baby pythons hatching from eggs and my vision from inside Fifi, the only B29 bomber still flying. You’ll remember I climbed up through her belly hole and took a ride that included several touch and go approaches to Drake Airfield. Last I also found a photo of America’s first space man, Joe Kittinger, which I took  while he was at Drake taking the brave up high in the sky in his biplane. You’ll recall I was one of those privileged to soar through the skies with this heroic and historic man.

Coming soon, a story of my experiences with the tigers at River Glen including the white ones which I walked among.

I hope you enjoy these and stay tuned for more.

python eggs

python eggs hatching


aboard B29


Joe Kittinger


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