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There are Storms, then There are Storms

  On the right is a funnel cloud, two more in the distance, others forming  in clusters above If asked I can tell you what was going on in the west in 1874, but when I recall something in my … Continue reading

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What’s Real, The Future or Now?

What’s Real and What Isn’t In a movie I was watching last night the idea of memory regression came up. It took me back a lot of years to a dear friend whose name will remain anonymous for reasons soon … Continue reading

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Heroes Aren’t Immortal

For weeks now I’ve posted blogs relating to my experiences during the years I was an investigative reporter for the Washington County Observer. I’m breaking that protocol today for a good reason. It won’t be long before the long awaited … Continue reading

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Between The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea

Looking for yet another excuse for not keeping up my blog posts, I think I found a good one. You’re going to like this. I FORGET. Between writing two books a year, editing and rewriting and trying to come up … Continue reading

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Beyond The Moon

This is the product of my attempt to add this image to a sidebar. It added a post from several months ago as current, put this image here and more or less messed up my mind for the day. After … Continue reading

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Cabin In the Land of the Indians

Over the years I’ve learned that people aren’t as interested in facts and figures of history as they are about the people who lived the life during those days long past. So I’m trying to stick to that in these … Continue reading

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