A Savage Grace

A Savage Grace (2)Memphis, Tn., March 14, Eric Adair sits in the West Memphis Institute For The Criminally Insane, where he could spend the remainder of his life. He claims he is not alone. A demon possesses his soul and is responsible for the thirteen barbarous murders he has committed.

Now the demon needs a new soul, and he has set his sights on Lenore Maine, who believes madness runs in her family. Lenore believes that if she is virtuous and chaste, perhaps she won’t go mad.

What was it Edward said? “Lenore, you’re too perfect, too sweet, too frightened to love.” Unfortunately, he was probably right.

Then the demon paid her a visit and she realized that no matter what she does, she is fated to kill herself, just like her mother had. It becomes only a matter of how and when.

space demon

A Demon looking to possess someone, anyone. Will it be Lenore?


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