A Tell-Tale Stone


cover 2 (427x640)

Number 2

Watch for the release of The Tell-Tale Stone, second in A Twist of Poe Mystery Series coming May 5, 2015.

Here’s an excerpt:

She smelled so good.  Like something sweet he’d like to taste. His arm hurt, but to hell with that. Desperately, he searched for her mouth with his, found it, devoured her. Going deep, deeper still, making love to her as if he hadn’t had a woman in months. Overriding the pain with pleasure. She responded in kind, one’s need feeding the other’s until they were both spent, exhausted, satisfied.

And another:

Heart in her throat, she hurried inside to see if they’d done any damage or left her something disgusting. It wasn’t till she reached the bathroom that she found the message. Written with lipstick, of all things, on the bathroom mirror.


What was this with people leaving her notes? It was getting old. Couldn’t people pick up a phone anymore?

One More Excerpt:

Dal pointed through the trees at an odd rust-parched ball that stuck up above the tree line. Several low-slung buildings crouched around it. “What is that? I’ve seen it before. Always wondered but never could remember to ask.”

Jess stopped. “Oh, that’s SEFOR.”

“What the hell is a sefor?”

SEFOR-2Photo by Casey Cowan



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