A Twist of Poe Series


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Cast of characters:

Jessie Stone – Reporter for the Washington County Observer; Dallas Starr – CSI Deputy for Grace County Sheriff’s Dept.; Mac Richards – Sheriff;  Deputies Tinker Mattewan-Jessie’s close friend, ; Colby Hanson; Howie Duggan; US Marshal Trey Ledger;  Seth Parker – Owner and Publisher of the Observer;

Theron and Fudge Harper are among the many assorted and unusual townspeople, as well as members of law enforcement agencies and some vicious and unique villains, all who come and go as the stories involving diamond thieves, smugglers, child traffickers, and unusual victims of murder and mayhem.  Best of all this is a romantic tale about two lonely people dealing with secret pasts and their mystifying and hot attraction to one another.

Set in Grace County, Arkansas in the wilderness of the Ozarks where residents live a serene life. Sometimes the outside world breaks in and when it does Dallas Starr, Cherokee deputy blessed or cursed with odd supernatural abilities to read crime scenes and those involved, steps in. Hot on his trail reporter Jessie West searches for stories and drives him to distraction by showing up at his crime scenes. Unable to resist a mutual attraction the two track wrong-doers and find exotic places to be alone with their passion. Both have dark secrets that hinder or add to their sexy, dark and gritty romance.

#1 The Purloined Skull – Sparks fly when Dallas Starr, new CSI deputy, shows up while Jessie investigates bones uncovered by dogs.

#2 The Tell-Tale Stone – Dal and Jessie heat up a story of stolen diamonds, murder and a dark threat to her life.

#3 The Pit and the Penance – It’s time for the lovers to face up and pay for some of their past transgressions. Dal decides to leave Cedarton and the woman he can’t admit he loves.

#4 Masque of the Rising Moon – Dal returns to help Mac when the sheriff is accused of malfeasance while a search for child traffickers hiding out under the false id of a cult gets underway.

#5 The Fall of Hermitage House – Strangers aren’t who they claim to be when escaped traffickers use the town for a hideout and Jessie is kidnapped. Due for release August 2018

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