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One of Arkansas Most Scenic Routes

The title may not sound like the subject of a blog about writing, but it is in a roundabout way. For I’d like to talk about the opportunities we authors have in locating beautiful places as we conduct our research. … Continue reading

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Drafting Two Books at Once

Though I consistently write fiction, for some reason my nonfiction finds more success. And so it is that I’m working on two regional nonfiction books at once, I suppose. Even with six published historical romances under my belt, and four … Continue reading

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Ozarks Writers League Calls

It isn’t often that we learn just how far we’ll go to attend a writer’s meeting, but that’s exactly what happened last Saturday when my husband and I set out to attend the quarterly meeting of Ozark Writers League held … Continue reading

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From the destruction

Even for a writer, it’s difficult to express some feelings. As we took our first tour of Fayetteville following the dreadful ice storm, all I could do was swallow lumps and hold back tears. Every street had been cleared of … Continue reading

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Icy Destruction

That’s our house behind the downed limb Above is the split off a very old wild cherry tree This was added by mistake, but it is a community building prior to the ice storm.

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The road home

Five days ago I acknowledged on Twitter that I was home and would post on my blog the following day. Good intentions don’t always prove possible, and so here I am at last, ending my writing day with a blog … Continue reading

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Write a Memoir? Who cares?

This is the way we shopped here before Wal*Mart built all those danged Super Stores all over Northwest Arkansas. One day a few months ago I was talking to someone about going into a compound with Bengal tigers and spending … Continue reading

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Writing a memoir

It never occurred to me that my life might hold anything of much interest to readers, until I was telling someone about my experience with bengal tigers while working for a rural newspaper. Her eyes widened as the story unfolded, … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days

The Way We Lived A few weeks ago when I posted my new writing schedule and became organized, I knew there would be some happenings that might disrupt my plan. Last Sunday night at 10:30 p.m.Mother Nature combined with an … Continue reading

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Because We Write Things Happen

Recently I received a phone call from a gentleman with Creative Motion Media. He’d seen something I wrote that was published online on the Arkansas Encyclopedia, and wanted to interview me for a project on Arkansas History. He was interested … Continue reading

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