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When was the last time you cried or laughed aloud while reading a book? Do you remember why the story affected you so? Let’s discuss what it takes as a writer to create fiction that will make our readers laugh … Continue reading

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I love to write description. It makes me more comfortable with my story. But, how much is enough? As writers we’re often told to include sense of place in our work. So we promptly get busy and write reams of … Continue reading

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Last week’s blog told about creating characters who charm. Now that we have the hero and heroine created, it’s time for the rest of those who will live in your story, some not so charming. Heroes are only one segment … Continue reading

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Captivating Characters

One of the best ways I can think of to create a character who captivates the reader is to become that character. But it’s not that simple, because suppose you become a dull, boring person? Yes, it could happen. So … Continue reading

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There are two main characters in any story or book. They are the Protagonist and the Antagonist. The protagonist drives the story. This is the main character, the one who has the most to gain and lose. That’s a simplification, … Continue reading

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Writers use a lot of terms that might need to be explained to those new to the craft. Here’s an explanation of some of them: Author Intrusion: When the author steps into the story to make comments or tell things … Continue reading

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Thought today I’d post an announcement for my April 25 workshop on top of beautiful Winslow Mountain in the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks. We always have a great time at these workshops, which I give twice a year, and … Continue reading

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A Good Storyteller Shows The Way

When we speak of story telling, most of us think of sitting around a campfire listening to someone relate a tale so rich in detail that we shiver with fear, cry out with delight, laugh and cry. In this instance, … Continue reading

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