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You can’t be taught to write. You can learn the mechanics, but the creativity comes from your right brain, your heart, your soul, your life experiences. Don’t let anyone steal it, not even your left brain. How many times we … Continue reading

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Non Fiction – Articles or Books ACADEMIC – Words for those in the academic life or those who would like to be. Philosophic, poetic, informative, essayists, etc. INSPIRATIONAL – Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cup Of Comfort and this style … Continue reading

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Let’s find out. Are you passionate about your book? Do you believe thoroughly in its message? Are you enthusiastic? Yes to all three takes us to the next step. If you have a no, then perhaps you need another rewrite. … Continue reading

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When it’s too much

There are days when being a writer is overwhelming. When life steps in and demands all our time, we resent very much being taken away from what we love. Creating a world that is ours alone until the time comes … Continue reading

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Creative nonfiction

There still seems to be some confusion as to what creative nonfiction is. I read recently on a blog posted by Olgy Gary, that this is also being called narrative nonfiction. If you don’t simply want to read the facts, … Continue reading

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