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Fiction writers are good liars. The best, actually, because to succeed in our craft we have to cajole our readers into entering the world we have created and convince them that it exists. How do we do this? With believable … Continue reading

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Since signing two new contracts, I’ve struggled to update my bio to fit the planned new publications, the publishers wishes and my own desire to say it right. In several places I’ve read that all bios published online should be … Continue reading

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I stay up late at night and, as a consequence, sleep late. This morning my hubby arose at his usual teeth-gritting 6 a.m. and by 7:30 had left to go to town. Bobbi, our cat and I curled up and … Continue reading

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Sometimes being a writer means not writing, and that’s what’s been up with me since my latest book came out. In addition, I’ve been proofing the next book, which is now set to be released May 1. That’s Arkansas Meals … Continue reading

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It’s The Story Stupid

Over the past few years I’ve noticed the not-too-subtle change in entertainment, including novels and movies. It seems we’ve turned slowly from quality creativity to STORY. Some of those who write today are not very good writers, but they are … Continue reading

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What Comes Next? / Small Publishers Rock

Late last week, sitting at my desk, fingers on the keys, I found nothing to write. What was going on? Ah, yes, I’d finished my book, in this case two books, and didn’t have the foggiest what might be next. … Continue reading

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Why not try Nonfiction?

Did you know that you aren’t limited in your writing? If you can’t sell your fiction, perhaps you should turn to writing nonfiction. It’s an easier sell as there are thousands of small publishers out there looking for specific books. … Continue reading

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How to Have a Writing Career

´╗┐When I first started writing I had an electric typewriter from Sears and a desk in the kitchen. At the end of a day I’d be ankle deep in ripped out pages which I’d rewritten tenaciously. Four novels later I … Continue reading

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Drafting Two Books at Once

Though I consistently write fiction, for some reason my nonfiction finds more success. And so it is that I’m working on two regional nonfiction books at once, I suppose. Even with six published historical romances under my belt, and four … Continue reading

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What the New Year might bring

When I was younger I made resolutions. They were always sort of silly, though I didn’t think so at the time. Mostly stuff anyone ought to do as a matter of course. Lose twenty pounds, stop fighting with my little … Continue reading

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