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Sometimes the best laid plans come to nothing, to paraphrase Shakespeare. As writers we often run up against a wall, despite all we can do. This week showed that no matter how well organized we are there are powers at … Continue reading

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Today I’m going to share some links that are valuable to writers both beginners and those well on their way. If you’re ready to do a book tour, here’s a site to check. Promotion To convert your book, chapter or … Continue reading

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Electronic age better than a pencil?

Recently I’ve pondered the computer age with a great deal of doubt. Back in the good old days when I began to write, a pencil, a knife and a tablet of paper sufficed. The knife? Oh, it wasn’t for stabbing … Continue reading

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Dealing with rejection

Swinging bridges once helped us all cross rivers and streams. They’ve been replaced by concrete spans so that we no longer experience the adrenaline rush of crossing wide, rushing rivers while clinging to a single strand of rope. Maybe we … Continue reading

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