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A Good Storyteller Shows The Way

When we speak of story telling, most of us think of sitting around a campfire listening to someone relate a tale so rich in detail that we shiver with fear, cry out with delight, laugh and cry. In this instance, … Continue reading

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Example of Show Don’t Tell

Here’s something you won’t hear much at conferences. We are all told that if we hone our craft and become an excellent writer, we will be published. That is only part of it. Ultimately, it’s the story that counts. It’s … Continue reading

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Scene & Sequel

The Peaks and Valleys of WritingSimply put, a scene defines a goal, presents conflict, ends in disaster, thus driving the story forward. The sequel ties that scene to the next, gives the reader and your hero a bit of a … Continue reading

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Writing Hair Raising Suspense

Before we get into writing hair-raising suspense, let’s determine the difference between suspense and mystery, because that’s important. In a mystery the hero pursues the killer, in a suspense a killer pursues the hero. Well, that’s pretty simple, but a … Continue reading

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