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A few weeks ago, I opened the scan of my first published historical romance. Time to format it for Kindle. This shouldn’t take long. I’d already finished another, which was actually my fourth to be published. It’s going by the … Continue reading

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I’ve been asked to speak to some graduating seniors about their writing careers. Speaking to kids who want to be writers is enjoyable, but I’m not sure what to say in these times of such massive changes. Publishers who are … Continue reading

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No doubt I have written about the pros and cons of small publishers, but my enthusiasm for small publishers has increased over the past few weeks as my newly acquired small publisher and I have dealt with getting my first … Continue reading

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Caught in the Trap of Writing

Since I started writing, it seems that every day is a working day. If I’m not at the computer creating, my mind is making up stories, or I’m wondering if the guy in the next aisle at the grocery store … Continue reading

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What Comes Next? / Small Publishers Rock

Late last week, sitting at my desk, fingers on the keys, I found nothing to write. What was going on? Ah, yes, I’d finished my book, in this case two books, and didn’t have the foggiest what might be next. … Continue reading

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