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Following the Butterfield Overland Mail Route

September 16, 1858 — In the early mist of a warm Ozark morning, John Butterfield rose from the seat of the stage, lifted his whip over the backs of a team of six horses, and cracked open the late summer … Continue reading

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Naked in the Bayou

Or Unidentified                                                   Health School Wilderness Schools and Reminiscence They’re almost invisible today, all grown up within … Continue reading

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They Came on Horseback

  I never knew when I arrived at The Observer on Thursday morning what I would find. Of course there’d been the day I was invited to go slither and pet with snakes, the tiger episode and taking a flight … Continue reading

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Arkansas’ Last Pony Express Rider

Sometimes a story carries many surprises, and this one did just that. One never knew who would be on the other end when answering the telephone at the newspaper. And some stories were so surprising I’d actually go mute. An … Continue reading

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Really Messed up, go to earlier post for story, nothing I do will fix this

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Stories From Wandering

Above: Logan spins a yarn while Chub reacts Here’s a bite from a story included in the first book I had published. It was in April, 1994 and I carried the manuscript with me to an OWL meeting where W. … Continue reading

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Drums Beat a Challenge

  Arkansas Film FestivalWorking for a small weekly newspaper meant I wore several hats. From one day to the next I never knew who I would meet where. We had a receptionist who also set type, our publisher covered most … Continue reading

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There are Storms, then There are Storms

  On the right is a funnel cloud, two more in the distance, others forming  in clusters above If asked I can tell you what was going on in the west in 1874, but when I recall something in my … Continue reading

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What’s Real, The Future or Now?

What’s Real and What Isn’t In a movie I was watching last night the idea of memory regression came up. It took me back a lot of years to a dear friend whose name will remain anonymous for reasons soon … Continue reading

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Heroes Aren’t Immortal

For weeks now I’ve posted blogs relating to my experiences during the years I was an investigative reporter for the Washington County Observer. I’m breaking that protocol today for a good reason. It won’t be long before the long awaited … Continue reading

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