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Years with Dusty

    Dusty and I joined many other writers at a book signing in Branson many years ago The day of his funeral and I waited in the front row. His closed casket held the cow hide he often had on … Continue reading

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When was the last time you cried or laughed aloud while reading a book? Do you remember why the story affected you so? Let’s discuss what it takes as a writer to create fiction that will make our readers laugh … Continue reading

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Besides being a writer, I’m a woman, a wife, mother, grandmother and a great grandmother. And I’m a human being, an American, a daughter of pioneers. Over the past 28 years that I’ve written and been published, I’ve seen the … Continue reading

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Promotion is on the minds of many writers in todays market place. Over and over we’re told that we have to do our own promotion. When this is mentioned in our large critique group we hear a lot of groans. … Continue reading

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CLEARING UP MALWAREGood morning fellow writers. I know it’s confusing to know where I’ll appear next. It seems the problems I have been experiencing with this blog are clearing up. After posting a link to a popular writing site, it … Continue reading

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Sometimes while I’m working diligently at my computer—every day but Sunday—I begin to wonder about my decision to begin a writing career. It was probably an accident brought on by boredom, a rainy Sunday afternoon and a dreadful football game … Continue reading

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Sometimes we need to know some of the strangest things, or we require something and have no idea where to find it. It constantly amazes me how many questions Google can answer. I once thought that I could only look … Continue reading

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I love to write description. It makes me more comfortable with my story. But, how much is enough? As writers we’re often told to include sense of place in our work. So we promptly get busy and write reams of … Continue reading

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Not to insult anyone, but I’ll bet I’m going to. Over the many years I’ve written and helped oversee a writer’s critique group, I’ve notice something very odd. English majors, teachers, etc.,  have a hard time writing fiction. Now, before … Continue reading

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Recently someone posted on one of my list serves and asked how they could get reviews for their book. In an interesting turn, replies came through for both magazine and newspaper reviews and online reviews. I was able to steer … Continue reading

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