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Did you know that many early settlers did not put up Christmas trees? As a matter of fact, Christmas was not declared a Federal holiday until June 26, 1870. Prior to the Civil War, those in the North mostly saw … Continue reading

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Back in the 1990s, I finally received “that call” from a publisher in NYC telling me they wanted to buy my book. I’d only been at it for ten years, but to be fair, the first few I had no … Continue reading

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I’ve learned in the past few months that one of the most difficult things about promotion is persuading my readers to post a review on Amazon. I’m guilty myself of reading a good book, then not giving it a review. Since most of my … Continue reading

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In the past few years many writer’s groups have started to publish anthologies containing short stories, articles and poems written by their members. This can be a valuable tool in getting your work noticed, but there’s also a caution attached. … Continue reading

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Having just finished judging and critiquing entries for a conference contest, I noted some of the errors made by those who send their babies out into the cold cruel world.  Here’s a list for you to follow next time you … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, I opened the scan of my first published historical romance. Time to format it for Kindle. This shouldn’t take long. I’d already finished another, which was actually my fourth to be published. It’s going by the … Continue reading

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Ozarks in the fall, an enticing image now. I recently received an email from an old friend who is having a lot of her books published this year. She told me that her publisher is urging her to get on … Continue reading

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Writers who are currently converting their books to Kindle, the primo E Book reader, can now sign those books through a site called Kindlegraph. Today I signed a copy of Dream Walker for a reader through the site. This is … Continue reading

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If I were to write myself as a character, I’d make me and lot smarter than I am. I’d know things that would make the reader’s heads spin. Like how DSL works, or why when we get older we forget … Continue reading

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Last winter’s record snow. Did this cool you off? The dictionary says that doldrums is a spell of listlessness or despondency, or a state of inactivity, stagnation or slump. There’s also a location in the ocean near the equator abounding … Continue reading

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