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Writers know what a book of the heart is. Oh, do they ever. But do readers know what we mean by that? I have two of them, the second being Once There Were Sad Songs, which was just published by … Continue reading

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Work soon destroyed this old dam where our house once stood, but the site itself remains as a picnic area abover the new lake. On a lovely day almost forty years ago I drove south from my new home in … Continue reading

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Sometimes while I’m working diligently at my computer—every day but Sunday—I begin to wonder about my decision to begin a writing career. It was probably an accident brought on by boredom, a rainy Sunday afternoon and a dreadful football game … Continue reading

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You can’t be taught to write. You can learn the mechanics, but the creativity comes from your right brain, your heart, your soul, your life experiences. Don’t let anyone steal it, not even your left brain. How many times we … Continue reading

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Today it’s difficult to get a book published the traditional way. Perhaps some writers should back off and consider newer, nontraditional publishing possibilities. I got to thinking about this after reading an article by Ray Connolly who has some ideas … Continue reading

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I’ve been asked to speak to some graduating seniors about their writing careers. Speaking to kids who want to be writers is enjoyable, but I’m not sure what to say in these times of such massive changes. Publishers who are … Continue reading

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Here I am signing copies of my romances at T. Charleston in Branson. Above I’m on the billboard on the strip. Yesterday I was looking through photos I’ve taken since first publication. It was fun revisiting those times and seeing … Continue reading

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How to Have a Writing Career

When I first started writing I had an electric typewriter from Sears and a desk in the kitchen. At the end of a day I’d be ankle deep in ripped out pages which I’d rewritten tenaciously. Four novels later I … Continue reading

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