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The Lies I Tell

    A few months ago, I wrote about taking photos out of the car window including a view in my rear view mirror. Today looking for some other photos, I found two of those. I had been asked to … Continue reading

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Is it True or Can We Lie?

The 1896 Razorbacks. No? This photo was presented to me that way. A good look reveals very young boys and what looks like it might be a girl. Or could it be true? It would take some complicated research to … Continue reading

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Christy Effinger asked me to take part in this blog tour.  Thanks, Christy The questions: 1) What am I working on? The second book in my new mystery series, A Twist of Poe. It’s title is The Telltale Stone. It features … Continue reading

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The Process of Writing

My daughter is a pre-school teacher, and yes they do teach. She once told me that children of that age are more interested in and enjoy the process more than the outcome, solution, results. Take your pick. As a writer, … Continue reading

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Writing When the Bloom Fades

This year most of the country is experiencing a terrible drought. (See Huffington Post.) Crops are blistering in fields, pastures yellowing to a crisp doneness. I look out my office window and see trees with leaves drooping, some falling to … Continue reading

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When was the last time you cried or laughed aloud while reading a book? Do you remember why the story affected you so? Let’s discuss what it takes as a writer to create fiction that will make our readers laugh … Continue reading

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Recently I learned an upsetting fact. No two computers or their owners process information alike. This came about after teaching three Publish to Kindle workshops in which students used their own laptops so we could actually work our way through … Continue reading

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Ever wonder what you’re doing in this business? Wish you’d taken up something easier, like mountain climbing or bungee jumping or studying Russian? I know I do. Almost daily.But, on the other hand I wouldn’t change a minute of the … Continue reading

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Now it’s time to get to know these characters. One excellent way is to have your pivotal character write you a short letter telling you about what’s going on in his or her life. Something that perhaps happened to them … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about the characters that should be in your book.A protagonist drives the story. This is the main character, the one who has the most to gain and lose. The story will evolve around him. In most romances there … Continue reading

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