Images In Scarlet

Allie flees to escape bad memories, while Jake searches for a hint of his past.

After the Civil War robs Allie of her family, she heads West to find a new life. Her father taught her photography and she can pay her way. Meeting Jake who carries a small picture of a lovely woman, his only memory of his life before the war. His dreams and illusions convince him he may have killed the woman he loved. Can Allie and Jake learn the truth about his past and build a life together?

Allie studied him closely. He’d bathed and scrubbed his neck until it was red. His dark hair shimmered with blue highlights and was still damp and curled at the ends. The thin shirt hugged his shoulders, beads of dampness holding the fabric tightly. Before she could stop herself she thought of him naked in the cold water. She rubbed at her flushed throat and turned quickly away.

Images In Scarlet

A search for memories reveals love


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