Montana Destiny

Charlie must save the ranch her father built, but the evil Colonel Dunkirk plans to own all the land in this part of Montana, and he’s hired Mitch Fallon, a gunhand who wears his .44 slung low, ready to use.

What is it about this outlaw that Charlie can’t resist? He works for the enemy who would steal her ranch. Yet his touch arouses a deep desire within her. No matter what her good sense tells her, she can’t resist him. Instead she turns slightly and lets him hold her close. The hammering of his heart challenges the thrumming of her own.

Naked beneath the thin fabric of her gown, she feels the roughness of his jeans, the cut of his belt, every button of his shirt pressing against her warm flesh. He tucks a finger under her chin, lowers his mouth so close it’s a blur. His warm breath whispers over her cheeks and lips as his hands span the curves of her body.

Land is precious, so is love

Land is precious, so is love

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