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Naked in the Bayou

Or Unidentified                                                   Health School Wilderness Schools and Reminiscence They’re almost invisible today, all grown up within … Continue reading

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Lately I’ve spent a lot of time thinking what could have been as opposed to what was in my life. That’s a strange occupation that often brings tears, but then I shake myself and order a reboot. Time to remember … Continue reading

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Life Can Be Beautiful or Ugly

Lately many people have revealed having lived childhoods of abuse. This makes me realize just how very fortunate I was growing up. Looking back now I see that it could have been so different had my family history gone in … Continue reading

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The Sensation of Old

Getting old is one of the oddest sensations. In the first place I never imagined it would be this way, that I would look back and wonder where all the years went. I never thought I’d simply wake up one … Continue reading

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Keeping Memories

Me on Grandparent’s farm 1940 I’ve noticed something peculiar about approaching 80 years of age. More and more I dredge up memories and spend time in the past. I remember when my mother-in-law told me, as she aged she lived in … Continue reading

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I remember a time when we used kerosene lanterns here in Arkansas, because it was 1954 before rural electric came to the wilderness of our Ozarks. Though we had moved away when WW II broke out, my aunts and uncles … Continue reading

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