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A Bond Never Broken

  When I first started interviewing people for my historical articles in the Observer, I was driving a Ford Thunderbird. The one year they decided to grow that particular model from the original sports car to one as large as … Continue reading

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Sexy, Dark, and Gritty

    Do you like to be scared? We were discussing this on messenger recently and decided that if we really didn’t like to be scared we should not watch or read stories meant to scare us. Then it came … Continue reading

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A Writer Possessed

    Ever noticed those newspapers in the rack as you check out at your grocery store? They have two-headed babies, aliens being autopsied, that sort of thing. What if you couldn’t stop looking? What if at that moment the … Continue reading

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Valentine Sale

My publisher, Oghma Creative Media, is offering a very special deal to our readers. Beginning today and running through Feb. 20, Kindle and iBooks offers several Oghma author’s books for .99 each. Want something romantic to read with plenty of twists … Continue reading

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Naked Ladies in the Yard

  I may be rather old fashioned, but that comes from my Victorian grandmother’s side of the family. She wouldn’t even refer to a stud horse or a bull by those names, but rather thought up euphemisms for such things, … Continue reading

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Once There Were Sad Songs: Back story

It wasn’t clear exactly what day Mary Elizabeth had known she could not remain with the humorless man she’d married. For so long each day had been the same. Staring across the breakfast table at his sour countenance, harshly determined … Continue reading

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Dithering into spring

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” That certainly applies to this year in a big way. The jonquils are blooming like great splashes of sunshine scattered over our place here on the hill in the Boston Mountains. No, … Continue reading

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Since the late 1980s my path has led into the past. Not so much that I’d want to live there. I’d hate running to the outhouse, freezing my buns off at night when the fire went out, reading by lamplight … Continue reading

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Writing When the Bloom Fades

This year most of the country is experiencing a terrible drought. (See Huffington Post.) Crops are blistering in fields, pastures yellowing to a crisp doneness. I look out my office window and see trees with leaves drooping, some falling to … Continue reading

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