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I’d Rather Write a Book

Over and over I tell myself that writing a blog is much like sitting down in the newsroom at the newspaper where I worked for nine years, pounding out a column and/or an article on deadline. It doesn’t work. My … Continue reading

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A Twist of Poe

  Whatever possessed me to begin a mystery series I would later title A Twist of Poe? Was being fascinated by the dark subject matter of most of Poe’s well known works enough of a reason? Probably being fascinated by … Continue reading

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A Haunted House

Halloween, and everyone is writing something. Not being someone who does what everyone else is doing, I had a difficult time coming up with a blog for this week. Then I remembered that I did have something. I signed up … Continue reading

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Okay, so someone hollered, “Do some blogs to promote your latest book(s).” And I nodded, said I can do that, I’ve been writing blogs for a good long while, so why not? Well, I’ll tell you why not, and it … Continue reading

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A Mysterious Delay

Sorry to be late posting this week’s blog, for all those who wait breathlessly to read my fabulous words. I know ideally we should have blogs written way ahead of time, but I tend to write mine the day I … Continue reading

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