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Lance Isn’t a Western Name

In a western mode today. My latest western historical romance, Rowena’s Hellion: The Victorians – Book Two was released last week. Check it out on Amazon or The Wild Rose Press site where the Ebook version is discounted to half … Continue reading

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Write What You Want to Know

MONTANA SERIES Gilbert Brewery in Virginia City When I wrote the Montana Series, originally titled Goldspun Promises, Moonspun Dreams and Brightspun Destiny and published by Penguin/Topaz I had never set foot in Montana. Breaking all the rules such as write … Continue reading

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Victorians: Did They Have Sex

When I began to write the series, The Victorians, for The Wild Rose Press, I had to wonder how to handle the sexual encounters normally found in romances. Here I was dealing with emigrants from England who had chosen to … Continue reading

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The Legend of the Rose

How are legends born? Why are we so fascinated with them? There have been umpteen books written about The Rose of Cimarron. She’s identified as Rose Dunn, who was 15 at the time of the Ingalls shootout in Indian Territory … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak Sunday

Excerpt From Wilda’s Outlaw: The Victorians  for Sneak Peak Sunday “How do you propose to convince him that you’ve been snatched rather than simply run away? Do we leave a note, or maybe I could go knock on the door … Continue reading

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If we aren’t careful when we write historical fiction, the characters come off stiff and boring. What’s the solution? Set them squarely down in the center of something that really happened. Study the way people acted and reacted in that … Continue reading

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In researching for Western Historical Novels, I’ve run across some strange historical facts. I thought I’d share a few of them here, and illustrate how some showed up in my romance novels. Frank James quoted Shakespeare, and he and brother … Continue reading

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Bob tailed ponies and remittance men

  On April Fool’s day in 1873,  30 people from England and Scotland began a journey to America and the prairies of Kansas to live a dream made possible by George Grant. They boarded the Alabama, the first steamship to … Continue reading

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Blog Hop

Thanks to Heidi Thomas who tagged me for this blog. What is the working title of your book?  Rose of Cimarron Where did the idea come from for the book? My husband ran across the story of the legendary Rose … Continue reading

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