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On a happy note, I have a fun, sexy, romp in Montana coming out in a six-part series, and I thought you might like to know about it. Read the first now, Montana Promises, and forget all the disturbing things … Continue reading

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Women’s Role in the West

Oghma Blog-a-thon   In the days of the westward movement women were second class citizens. It’s important to remember that when writing historical stories, whether they be romances or westerns. With few exceptions women weren’t much more than slaves. So … Continue reading

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Many times I’m asked where I get ideas for my western historical romances.  It’s simple, really. In fact I have enough stuff scribbled down to write these books for another twenty years or so. I prefer to write about the … Continue reading

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Write What You Want to Know

MONTANA SERIES Gilbert Brewery in Virginia City When I wrote the Montana Series, originally titled Goldspun Promises, Moonspun Dreams and Brightspun Destiny and published by Penguin/Topaz I had never set foot in Montana. Breaking all the rules such as write … Continue reading

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Victorians: Did They Have Sex

When I began to write the series, The Victorians, for The Wild Rose Press, I had to wonder how to handle the sexual encounters normally found in romances. Here I was dealing with emigrants from England who had chosen to … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak Sunday

Excerpt From Wilda’s Outlaw: The Victorians  for Sneak Peak Sunday “How do you propose to convince him that you’ve been snatched rather than simply run away? Do we leave a note, or maybe I could go knock on the door … Continue reading

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