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A hot wind and ice cream

Who, me? Write a memoir? Believe it or not that has been suggested. I’ve spent my writing life telling other people’s stories. Some presented as the truth, others woven into fiction. But when I reached the age of 80 earlier … Continue reading

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Women Heroes

By now my readers are aware that my weekly blog is a mishmash of subject matter, which breaks all the blogging rules. We are told to develop a theme and stick to it. But breaking the rules is  something I’m … Continue reading

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What War Does to People

Funny, as I sit here trying to come up with something to share with my readers, I realize that the only writer’s block I ever have is when faced with writing my weekly blog. This is not understandable, since for … Continue reading

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Bring Our Warriors Home

After 70 odd years of being asked what my New Year’s resolutions are, I’ve run out of answers. I break most of them anyway. Not that I’m so sweet, or good all the time, or healthy and weight conscious, or … Continue reading

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