The Purloined Skull

cover 1 - Copy (427x640)

Number 1

When dogs dig up a human skeleton people in Cedarton, Arkansas learn that murder can happen even in a small town in the Ozarks. Dal Starr, the newly hired crime scene investigator balks at having local reporter Jessie Stone tag along on his investigation. Sparks fly between the two as they try to learn who was buried under a bluff and who killed him. The discovery of a lost skull threatens to reveal hidden secrets and end two careers. 

This mystery is sexy, gritty and dark. Dal Starr is an ex undercover narc from Dallas. He steps into the minds and souls of the spirits of victims and assailants involved in violent crimes. Jessie Stone, investigative reporter, doesn’t believe in that crap, but she is immediately attracted by the tall, dark and dangerous new deputy. He wants her left out of the investigation, but can’t resist her pretty country charms. These two will develop a love/hate relationship.

The bones waited in eerie silence, sad remnants of someone’s life. They made no sound, put off no stench, nor were they impatient to be identified. Just a pile of bones, that’s all. No heart to ache, no spirit or mind to remember and regret.

This new mystery series, A Twist of Poe, will have titles twisted from those of Edgar Allan Poe. 

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

Shortly after the first printing of Poe’s detective story “The Purloined Letter” in October 1844 in the anthology The Gift, the story was reprinted in abridged form in Chamber’s Edinburgh Journal. In the absence of an international copyright law, Poe was not paid for this printing. 


cover 1 - Copy (427x640)

Number 1

sell sheet


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