Angel’s Gold

Living in a forced marriage traps Angeline until the outlaw is blown in by a tornado.

She’s lived with John Prophet since her parents sold her to him when she was fifteen, and now he wants his husbandly rights. The nearby played-out gold mine has yielded several small bags of nuggets and Angeline has bided her time. With Jesse hidden in the barn, her chance has come.  She will offer him the gold to get her far away from the violent Prophet. She doesn’t count on the terror that will track them when they escape. Nor does she expect to fall in love with the young outlaw.

Lowering herself to both knees, Angeline trailed a hand inside his shirt, peering at him through slitted eyes to see that he’d tipped his head back, rapt features streaked in moonlight. His full lips gleamed, long lashes cast shadows on darkly stubbled cheeks. She placed her lips against the strong slant of his jaw, then moved along the rough whiskers toward his mouth. His tongue peeked between parted lips and she hesitated, so close they were almost touching. He leaned forward and gently captured her mouth.

Gold and an outlaw rescue Angel

Gold and an outlaw rescue Angel

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