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Everyone knows there are no vampires, it’s doubtful that sasquatch exists, what about Native American stories about windego, skinwalkers or shapeshifters? Who makes up these creatures? Why, writers do. We create such fantasy figures. We don’t have anything to back … Continue reading

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Give and You Shall Receive

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.” – Flora Edwards On March 8, our critique group will present a free conference at Ozarks Electric Building on … Continue reading

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A Twist of Poe character: Jessie West

In the last week or two my first mystery, The Purloined Skull, has received three five star reviews. Two on Amazon and one from the Arkansas Book Reviewer. Here’s an excerpt from the last one: “With zigs and zags, The Purloined Skull mystery … Continue reading

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Featured Review of Once There Were Sad Songs by Velda Brotherton

Featured Review of Once There Were Sad Songs by Velda Brotherton. This reviewer compared my writing to that of Nicholas Sparks. Wow! An Amazon reviewer compared me to Steinbeck. What a wild week this is.

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What Year Is It?

When I was young if I ever thought of the year 2000 and beyond , it was with a fascination akin to what I felt reading scifi books. I certainly never thought I’d live in such a fascinating world. In … Continue reading

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