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More and more I’ve realized that traveling large distances to take part in organized author signings is rarely worthwhile. Many people who set these up talk a good talk, and certainly have good intentions, but they either lack the ability … Continue reading

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Having just finished judging and critiquing entries for a conference contest, I noted some of the errors made by those who send their babies out into the cold cruel world.  Here’s a list for you to follow next time you … Continue reading

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Isn’t it lovely weather? I have a couple of links to pass on to my readers that might answer questions you’ve had about writing. If you have trouble making time to write, take a look at Making time to write. … Continue reading

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Last week a comment wanted to know about Indie Writers Unite. This is a Facebook group and you can search for it under Indie Writers. I mistakenly identified it as a list post. Many indie writers are posting there and … Continue reading

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