Valentine Special

From the time I began Beyond the Moon and its publication 25 years passed. I moved on to other stories, writing romances set in the historical west, But I never forgot this story of Glen and Katie and their struggles to rebuild their shattered lives. Downsizing, I ran across the actual manuscript I’d had bound at Kinko’s back in the days when our printers were dot matrix. I had a new publisher and he’s asked to see anything I had stored away. This meant retyping for the old floppy disk had long gone out of date. full moon

My agent in New York had done his best to sell this novel, but at the time, it was the early 1990s, the world wanted only to forget the tragedy that was Vietnam. This story is not a war story, but the story of what war does to those involved, even on the fringes. I spent over six months poring through Newsweek and Time and newspaper articles, some hidden in the back pages to research the background. What happens in this book truly happened during that long-drawn out war fought for all the wrong reasons. It has only five-star reviews, some from the wives of Vietnam vets.

To me it’s timely and important today that we continue to realize the damage wars do. Oh, sure, some are fought to free people held under oppression, but too many are political, financial and selfishly created.

Here is a romantic excerpt because I want my readers to know that this is a love story, a story of struggle and redemption, of the bonding of two people filled with hope and faith that life can be made beautiful.gargantual moon

I’m so pleased that my publisher is offering the Kindle and iBooks version of Beyond The Moon for .99 cents now through Feb. 20 as a Valentine’s gift to my readers. Follow the link and read the first chapter. I know you’ll want to join Katie and Glen in their incredible story.

Excerpt: She detached herself from him. He was a statue. Nightglow touched the planes of his face and deepened the scars and depressions. Stars twinkled in the depths of the pond as if dumped there by the bucketful. The cold earth wet the knees of her jeans, and his hand trembled in hers. She rose languidly, keeping her gaze pinned on his, reflecting the golden moonlight and something else she couldn’t define. It was restful, though, maybe even hopeful.

Beyond The Moon  Click here to take advantage of the .99 cent offer

The Tell-Tale Stone  Click here for the .99 cent offer on my latest Twist of Poe mystery

Both fulfill the promise of my brand, Sexy, Dark, and Gritty. Hope you enjoy them and I’d appreciate it if you could write a review either on Amazon or in your blog. Reviews are so important to authors.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you get lots of chocolates and lots of hugs and kisses.

Beyond The Moon Front Cover

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Valentine Sale

Beyond The Moon Front Cover

My publisher, Oghma Creative Media, is offering a very special deal to our readers. Beginning today and running through Feb. 20, Kindle and iBooks offers several Oghma author’s books for .99 each.

Want something romantic to read with plenty of twists and turns? My latest Twist of Poe mystery, A Tell-Tale Stone, lives up to my Sexy, Dark, and Gritty brand, and tells a mysterious tale of murder and mayhem in fictitious Grace County, Arkansas. A fun tale to enjoy for Valentines Day.

Front Cover

Here’s the cover of my latest

Want something in a different vein? Beyond the Moon, a five star rated story, about which one reviewer said,  “We are the wives of the vets who returned damaged. There is always hope that our love will be enough. We, the silent women who have walked this story, know Katie’s world.” A tale of loss, despair, happiness and hope snatched from yesterday’s headlines.

We authors hope our readers take advantage of this super sale for your Valentine’s pleasure. And if you enjoy your read, please take the time to write a review. Even a short one will be appreciated.


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Review The Mustanger and the Lady

Product Details 

The latest Western from Dusty Richards puts the reader in the West like no one has since Zane Grey, yet the story moves with the action of the likes of Elmer Kelton and Louis L’Amour.

It’s a pleasure to see the time portrayed with no modern political correctness. Richards writes westerns so you can believe you’re there. The challenges he places in the road of this worn weary couple kept me guessing.

Richards knows the West, its people, the land, and the time like no one writing westerns today. His line referring to the Apache chief is one of my favorites. He writes, “His eyes were diamond-cut black coals that missed nothing.”

Our hero Vincent lives in Arizona in a tent next to a corral where he pens the mustangs he catches to tame and sell. It’s a sparse life, but he has his eye on a ranch up in the mountains. His life is freedom, peace, and quiet. He has little time to be bothered by this lady who rides in scantily clad on a half-dead horse. She’s running from killers and at first rejects his solution to protect her. It’s rather grisly to dig your own grave and hard to choose a new identity. Reluctantly, she allows him to cut her hair and becomes May. Soon, an attraction grows between the two. They work together to catch and tame the wild horses, till the Apaches steal May while Vincent is away.

If you’ve never read a western, this is a terrific one to begin with and if you’re already a fan, you’ll enjoy this breathtaking story fraught with excitement, danger and a trip through some of the most beautiful wilderness in the West, written by someone who’s been there.


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My Birthday Tribute: Poe

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Facing Loss

2015-12-05 14.30.43.jpg

Don’s Party

Getting back to posting a regular blog has been difficult. I can’t believe it’s been three months since my husband passed away. There are so many things to do following such a sad event, and perhaps that is a helpful thing. It keeps one fairly busy.

Don’s party was a big help in beginning the grieving process, which is so important. It seems we humans are a lot alike in many respects. One is the steps it takes to recover from the death of a loved one. Both my husband and I opted not to have funerals. They are fine for those who need them. What we did was prepay for cremation and no services. He wanted a party and I do too. Celebration of our lives is more important to both of us than a ceremony marking our deaths. Family and many friends attended his celebration, we told stories about him and toasted his life. It was truly cathartic.

Something I learned here. We had read warnings not to prepay funeral expenses because the funeral home might not be there by the time you needed them. This is a false warning. Prepaid funeral funds are put into a special protected account and remain available for your funeral no matter what.

Soon comes the reality that life goes on. There are death certificates to send to insurance companies, the tax people which includes personal property and real estate, then there’s social security, and health insurance. The mortuary will acquire as many as you need. It is better to have one or two left over than to run out.

All of this information might seem a bit personal, but maybe it will help someone who faces the same events. I am not giving legal advice, just telling you what we learned in the process to help you be prepared. It is most important that you have an attorney who specializes in advising the elderly in financial matters.

Because I am disabled and was unable to care for my husband at home, he was in long term care for six months at $5,000 more or less each month. We saw an attorney when that began and he qualified us for Medicaid so that monthly bill was taken care of. Qualification was made a shorter process thanks to having someone who knew what they were doing handle the process. The attorney qualified my husband for Medicaid within two weeks of us turning in all our information to him. I won’t go into that process because it is very complicated. Again, my advice. Get good referrals and see an attorney.

After my husband passed away our attorney assisted in changing information on our property deeds to avoid probate when I too am gone. We added my daughter’s name to bank accounts as well. This is important because those accounts would be frozen in the event of my death if there is no other name on them. For those able to do this, it makes a lot more sense than a will that faces long term probate.

Soon the medical bills began to arrive. There’s $43,000 + to pay for the helicopter jaunt to Springfield and back when he fell and broke his pelvis. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully, we had taken out additional health insurance at the beginning of the year that will take care of what Medicare won’t pay on the bills that continue to come in. Otherwise we would have been liable for 20% of what Medicare approved of that bill as well as all the others. That was just one of the many that continue to arrive. I am fortunate that we have good medical and pharmaceutical coverage.

I wish you and your friends and loved ones long lives, but sooner or later we all face loss, and in today’s complicated world it’s difficult to say the least. It never hurts to be prepared. Preparing ourselves to face old age is another long story, and there are experts out there who can assist in that as well. I had some very good advice from a friend who worked in that field, but she has since retired. Thank you, Sara Bartlett for what you did. I

Telling Don Stories

Telling Don Stories Don

also appreciate everyone at North Hills Care Facility in Fayetteville. They were all terrific. Thanks to Linda and Neal Apple for throwing the party, and the many friends who attended. A very special thanks to our daughters Jeri Henson and Chrissy Allen without whom I would not have held up. I love you all, and if I can do anything to help any of you, just give me a holler.


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The skill of Steinbeck


ONCE THERE WERE SAD SONGS Excerpt from A Five Star Review

 In every author’s life there one time when their heart opens and they pour their inner soul into their finest work. Sad Songs is Velda Brotherton’s gift to those of us who aren’t there yet. This is how it’s done. With a skill in defining male characters, the like of which hasn’t been seen since Steinbeck, Brotherton allows us into the shattered souls of three men who at first meeting are simply motorcycle bums roaming the country, holing up in campgrounds, just living thru the pain. Joyce Zeller

Of all the five-star reviews I’ve received for this book, this is one of my favorites. To be compared to Steinbeck thrills me. When I first began to write, I read his work over and over to learn what made it outstanding. My first attempt was an awkward but genuine attempt to write as well as this best-selling author. Of course I have since developed my own style, my own voice, in an honest attempt to write as well as is possible.

Why am I writing a blog about this book that was published in 2014 by The Wild Rose Press? Because, in 2015 Amazon bought the book from that publisher for its new digital publishing company. This month they are including it in their big January blitz sale through Kindle Prime for $1.99.

Of all the books available on Kindle and published by Amazon, that they should include Once There Were Sad Songs in the blitz makes me feel proud of this work. I consider it one of the best books I’ve written. Along with Beyond the Moon, published last year by Oghma Creative Media, it offers readers a look at some of my best work.

Here’s an excerpt that explains the title for your consideration: Steven kicked over onto his back, bobbed there awhile watching stars, then hung listlessly, treading water and listening to strains of Puff the Magic Dragon from Lefty’s battered old tape player. He’d worn out a dozen Peter, Paul and Mary tapes playing that song. Each time they tried to find another, the search was more difficult. Hard to believe the popular trio was all but forgotten.

He wondered if they were dead now, with their gentle voices and heartbreaking sound. They didn’t play music like that anymore, songs sad enough to make the heart break. All jerky, freaky stuff today, like kids were afraid to look inside their own souls and find what they really cared about.

“Stupid shit,” he muttered, and swam into the shallow water where he stripped out of his shorts and washed all over with the tiny sliver of soap.

She was gone when he waded to shore, and he was vaguely disappointed.

Lest you wonder about my Sexy Dark Gritty brand, try this one: WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT – SKIP IF YOU’RE EASILY EMBARRASSED:

Not once had he raised his voice, and she found that so incomprehensible as to render her speechless. The muddy rock slipped from her fingers.

His grip closed around her wrist and he pulled her against him. None too gentle.

“Damn you,” she breathed, then raised her face to whatever he offered.

Demanding moist lips, tongue probing, arms closing around her so she could scarcely move.

“Won’t hurt nothing,” he murmured against her cheek and slipped a hand under her shirt. Thumb crawling up her rib cage to her breast. “I’m about to show you sinning,” he said and shoved her to the ground, straddling her and ripping at her pants.

His body was hot, slick with perspiration, hard. Hard all over. Pushing against her. Frantic to get beneath her jeans. Just where she wanted him.

“Let me, let me,” She panted the words, went to work on the snap, the zipper, the waistband. Clawing and shoving at the damp fabric, needing him inside her more than she wanted to take her next breath.

Finally the jeans were down around her knees and he tore them and then her panties off, cupped his hand between her legs, and slipped a finger inside so deep she shuddered and came like she had never ever done. An old woman in her forties, and she finally knew what it was like to have a real, honest-to-goodness orgasm that made her shout with joy, with delight.

This is a love story on so many levels. What happens to the men we bring home from horrific wars and dump out like so much used garbage when all we’ve taught them is to kill? What happens when a woman with a feral nature, imprisoned by the man in her life, finally breaks those bonds and runs free? The bigger question is what happens when these two come together in a place where there are no rules, no keepers? Only the wildness of nature surrounds them, to offer them total freedom.

All of January Amazon Kindle offers digital copies of special books at deep discounts. That offer includes my book, Once There Were Sad Songs. Go Here:


2001-12-17 12.56.58










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I Believe in Angels


Saturday we came together to celebrate the life of my late husband, Donald. He asked that we not hold a funeral and grieve, but rather have a party so he could enjoy it as well. So thanks to Linda Apple and our daughter Jeri Henson, that’s what we did. So many friends and family gathered that I know he had a good time, as did we all.

I told everyone there that I would soon post a blog telling why I now firmly believe in angels. When I cleaned out one of the file boxes to make room for some smaller side tables, I found a note folded in fourths and stuck in the back of the top drawer. The creases were old, not recent. I opened it and found the following: Clue-he always called me Kitten, Pete’s place is where he lived when we first met, and he never ever wrote or spoke like this note flows:

Dear Kitten, Loving you, sorry I had to leave you behind. But I will be waiting at Petes place. We will all be there, to see you come dancing thru the morning dew, sun shining ——-hang on, I will get it right —–thru your golden hair.

I will be waiting for you love,    Loving you  Don

The reason this made me believe in angels is that I was throwing old pieces of paper away out of that drawer but something told me to open this one. It was stained and scrappy looking. But he sent it to me via the angels and I will always believe this. Heaven only knows when he wrote this and put it there or what caused him to write it. I don’t care. All I know is that he managed to speak to me through the angels after he left.

Do you believe in angels? Why or why not?


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11 Fun Facts About “Embraceable”

I am honored to have my story included in this fab book August has worked so hard to bring to life. Thanks August.

Girl Boner

At least I find them fun. I’m only slightly biased. ;)

Embraceable is currently being formatted for publishing. (Woo hoo!) I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some tid bits/teasers about the book.

♦ Susan Harper, PhD, who penned the foreword, is an educator, writer, activist and advocate for a variety of groovy causes, including LGBTQ equality, gender equality, partner and sexual violence prevention and healthcare equality.

♦ My memoir portion starts with an, um, bang—a literally climactic experience that changed my life.

♦ You’ll then read my “Does Dirt Have Calories” and sex ed stories, fleshed out (no pun intended) and in context.

♦ Numerous of the story contributors have uniquely spiffy jobs, including professional cuddling and sex work.

♦ Several authors (and their stories) are religious. Another wrote about escaping a cult.

♦ The story contributors range in age, from 20-something to 70-plus.

♦ Several women who either contributed…

View original post 142 more words

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Lets Get Acquainted


It’s almost Christmas, and you have retailers pushing and shoving at you from all directions. Buy this, give that, hurry, cheap, buy, give, give, give.

Giving in itself is not a bad thing. The commercial mess that’s become our holidays may well be totally out of hand. And then here comes along someone else asking you to buy something.

What I’d really like to see is share ourselves with each other, visit, talk about our dreams, our hopes, who we love. And beyond that, try to love everyone we can.

I’d like to visit with the people who buy and read my books, and what better time than at Christmas. In December I’m having two book signings for the sheer fun of meeting my readers. If you want one of my new books, that’s great, but come to visit with me. I’m offering some good buys because sometimes it takes a bargain to get visitors.

Beyond The Moon Front CoverAt St. Paul Arkansas, in their new library, we’ll have a gathering on Monday, December 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. If you live in that area or love traveling gorgeous highway 16 into Madison County, then stop by. If you want a hard cover copy of Beyond the Moon for yourself or as a gift, you can have a free paperback copy of any one of my books free. If it’s mysteries you prefer, buy the #1 or #2 paperback copy of A Twist of Poe and get the second one at half price.

I’ll also do a drawing for a door prize. The winner can choose any book I have with me free. We’re going to have lots of fun and celebrate being together. I’m looking forward to this.

Front Cover

Here’s the cover of my latest

On Saturday, December 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I’ll be with four other authors at Elkins Arkansas library with the same offers. I can’t speak for the things they’ll have, but I’m sure you can fill in that shopping list with some great book buys.

Hope to see you at one or the other.


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Chasing the Demon

Alf teaser

His name is Alf, not a very threatening name for a demon, is it? That’s what his other self calls the evil side. A split personality demon who developed as I wrote the draft of A Savage Grace.

Take an ordinary woman, busy creating herbs and teas for a local craft shop, while worrying that since her mother was insane and committed suicide, when will it happen to her? So, of course, everything starts to go wild.

Take a husband who loves his wife and children, but for some reason one night kills them all, so now he’s in an asylum for the criminally insane. He believes he is possessed by a demon he calls Alf.

Take a demon, whose life for an eternity has been causing good folks to kill for his own enjoyment, and now he is weary of the body he lives in and wants a new one, this time a female. Watch out he doesn’t come for you.

Take a writer who has a vivid imagination and lets it wander where it wants, and her brand is Sexy, Dark, and Gritty, and you’ve got A Savage Grace.

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