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Back in the 1990s, I finally received “that call” from a publisher in NYC telling me they wanted to buy my book. I’d only been at it for ten years, but to be fair, the first few I had no … Continue reading

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I’ve learned in the past few months that one of the most difficult things about promotion is persuading my readers to post a review on Amazon. I’m guilty myself of reading a good book, then not giving it a review. Since most of my … Continue reading

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While I’ve written several blogs with information on E Book publishing and how good I think this is for writers, I’ve recently been reminded how bad it can be as well. I’ve purchased a few books off Kindle that sounded … Continue reading

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In the past few years many writer’s groups have started to publish anthologies containing short stories, articles and poems written by their members. This can be a valuable tool in getting your work noticed, but there’s also a caution attached. … Continue reading

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