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There’s nothing more satisfying than setting a goal and completing it. Several months ago my decision to get one of my back listed books formatted and uploaded to Kindle was only a dream. I had my doubts I could accomplish … Continue reading

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I’m so jazzed I’m not sure what I’m doing. After preparing my manuscript in Word, which I’m very ignorant in, and going back and doing things like putting each chapter title in “heading 1” under Styles, using ctrl/enter to make … Continue reading

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Another link to using Mobi creator

This is a great guide to using Mobi creator to format your Kindle books.

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Using Mobipocket Creator To Create Your Own Kindle Ebooks

Using Mobipocket Creator To Create Your Own Kindle Ebooks

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Here’s the updated cover of Dream Walker. You can see the changes that were made from the original posted last week. Working in Photoshop is quite an experience. Everyone I talk to tells me how difficult a program it is, … Continue reading

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As of now, I’m working on a book cover for the first back-list book, originally Trail to Forever, which is now called Dream Walker, for reasons that will be quite evident to the reader. I had no control over my … Continue reading

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