Dream Walker

Winter Dawn does not want to be a dream walker. What she wants is to live in the white world of her father. She’s chosen a white name, Rachel Keye.

She saved his soul but what of her own?

She saved his soul but what of her own?

The evil Jasper Doaks has other ideas and buys her from her brother Eagle. Her escape onto the dark streets of Fayetteville begins an adventure she couldn’t have imagined.

Disenchanted ex-soldier Daniel Wolfe has outfitted a wagon and hopes to resettle in Oregon far from any civilization. He is haunted by events of the War with Mexico and a particular child he dug from the rubble and tried to save. Coming from an evening at the local saloon, he rescues Winter Dawn just as the evil Doaks closes in on her with a whip in hand.

He lay her inside the wagon on the bed he had made within the supplies, but she wouldn’t let go of his shirt, and so he settled beside her. He tried to ignore her hot breath against his chest, the tickle of hair on his chin, and the ragged sobs that faded slowly. Sometime in the night she awoke and removed her skirt and shift, then curled back up within his sleeping embrace.

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